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Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that uses art to develop client expression and self awareness in order to support mental health. It is a means to access personal and cultural histories not available through verbal means alone. This approach does not require any artistic experience, only curiosity.


Sessions are tailored to address your needs and goals, this can occur in a single session or over a long term therapeutic engagement. A range of psychological and arts based methods are used to become aware of your thoughts and actions, to make meaning from the past and integrate these in the present to support you.


"Art therapy has been a life changing experience for me. I am a visual learner, and being able to communicate my feelings through images and art has been an enormous help and breakthrough in my journey to healing. My experience with Sam has been invaluable and I have recommended it to everyone I know looking for therapy, traditional or not." 


Art psychotherapy uses a range of cognitive and creative processes to assist clients with concerns about significant life transitions, self-esteem, identity, social connection, anxiety, depression, neurocognitive diagnoses, and trauma. 


Access your own creativity in a strengths bases, solution focused studio environment supported by a trained mental health professional. Sessions are available in person at the Preston studio with art materials provided. Flexible online sessions can also be made available. 


Samantha Sederof (AThR) is a registered Art Therapist and Counsellor; M.A, Art Therapy and B.A. Visual Anthropology. Influenced by psychodynamic, neuropsychology and social ethics, her approach draws from evidence based methods, combining these to best serve the individual needs of each client.


Individual art therapy one on one sessions provide opportunities for ongoing psychotherapeutic support for clients with a variety of mental health goals. This format provides opportunities for exploration in a supportive environment allowing clients to form their own creative solutions. $150 concession 50 min session, $193 for full fee. 


Workshops are designed to meet the needs of participants, be it in a specialised therapeutic group, team building or private party, explore art materials and creative skill development in a safe, enjoyable creative environment. Contact to receive a quote. 


Sessions are individually designed to support plan managed or self managed NDIS participants to achieve their therapeutic goals, such as health and wellbeing, self-care and self management, community participation, social skills and improved relationships.  


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A free initial 15 minute phone consultation is provided to assess what services would be most helpful for you. 

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